Welcome Deliverability Boot Camp Partner!

I have packaged over 20 years of email deliverability knowledge and experience into one monster, live course!

I have been in the email marketing space since 1997. I launched my own ESP in 2009. I have run my own deliverability consulting firm, InboxJam, since 2016, working with other ESPs and big email senders.

For several years, I have documented all my industry knowledge and experience.

In late 2022 I ran a beta version of my course called Deliverability Boot Camp for a select group of clients. The reception was incredible. People absolutely loved it.

Now I am releasing this training to the public!

This will NOT be pre-recorded and self-service training. This will be done 100% live in cohort-based training.

The actual live training will be 5 weeks long, and we will start a new cohort every 8 weeks or so.

NOTHING like this exists at all! I would love for you to participate in this revolution in email deliverability training.

Because I have been in this industry since 1997, I have done all the training that is available, I have read every book, every article, and every blog post that has ever been created about email deliverability training.

NOTHING comes even remotely close to the training I have put together!

What's included?

The core training consists of five weeks of live calls. Two calls per week. Training calls on Tuesdays and Q&A calls on Thursdays.

All calls will be recorded and made available for life inside a members area.

All calls will be professionally transcribed and made available for life inside a members area.

There is a members-only FaceBook group where I will be active.

Core Training Outline

The Funnel

The initial entry is a free educational webinar with some real valuable training. The webinar registration page is here: https://www.deliverabilitybootcamp.com/

There are NO upsells or downsells!

There are 3 different "levels" to choose from though!

Product Name
















The two higher levels have lower commissions as they include actual consulting hours.

Here is what is included at each level:


  • The Core - 5 Weeks, 2 Plus Hours Live Class Sessions
  • Live Q&A Calls – 5 Weeks, 2 Plus Hours
  • Lifetime Access To All The Session Recordings
  • Lifetime Access To All The Professional Session Transcriptions
  • Lifetime Access To Our Private, Member Only, FaceBook Group
  • 10% Discount For Life On Our DMARC Reporting Tool, DMARCWorx


  • Everything In The Essential Package
  • Free Enrollment In The Next Live Cohort
  • Free One Hour 1 On 1 Consulting With Richelo
  • 15% Discount For Life On Our DMARC Reporting Tool, DMARCWorx


  • Everything In The Essential Package
  • Everything In The Premium Package
  • Exec-Only Slack Channel For Rapid Access To Richelo And Our Support Team For The Duration Of The Course
  • Free Lifetime Access To All Future Cohorts As A Premium Member
  • Weekly Exec-only Group Coaching Calls With Richelo For 3 Weeks After The Training Concludes
  • One Additional 1 on 1 Consulting Hour With Richelo, bringing the total up to 2 hours of 1 on 1 Consulting
  • 20% Discount For Life On Our DMARC Reporting Tool, DMARCWorx

The Schedule

The first webinar will run on Wednesday, 26 July 2023. There will be replays.

The second webinar will run on Wednesday, 2 August 2023. There will be replays.

The official training for Cohort 1 will start on Tuesday, 8 August 2023.

Commission Payments

I am offering a complete, 100% money-back guarantee 30 days from the date the course starts.

Because of this guarantee, all commissions will be paid 31 days after the course starts on 8 August, so commissions will be sent out on September 8th.

Signing Up to promote

I am manually approving all affiliate applications. I need to do it this way so I can add all 3 levels to your account for promotion.

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You can signup below:

Why They Recommend Listening To Richelo

"I've been working with Rich for years and I can confidently say... if you
work with him YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS!

He's helped us navigate numerous deliverability endeavors including domain
warmups, list-cleansing, ESP setup, and more. Thx Rich

Cayman Elkin
- Crypto 101

“It's a great comfort to have Richelo available to monitor and fix any email delivery problems quickly. He got me out of a jam several times and really saved my skin. Thanks!"

Greg Poulos
- Profits Run

“Rich is the most knowledgeable and consistent deliverability consultant we have ever worked with. I can not recommend him more."

Bryan Rosenkrantz
- Strikepoint Media
Richelo "Rich" Killian

Chief Deliverability Officer

Who Is Richelo Killian?

Richelo's journey into computers started back in 1985 with his first computer, which was a ZX Spectrum 48k that used a cassette deck to load software 🤣

From 1990 to 2009, he worked worldwide in some of the biggest technology companies, serving massive enterprise customers.

In 1996, he was blessed with the birth of a beautiful daughter. To help support his young family, in 1997, his journey into online marketing and email marketing started as a side hustle. 2002 his handsome son was born, accelerating his pursuit for financial independence.

By 2009, using predominantly email marketing, this side hustle had grown into a full-time income, and he went all in by launching his own Email Marketing Service Provider (ESP).

By 2016, he was spending so much time helping people with their email programs that he launched a deliverability consulting firm, helping other ESPs and large corporations significantly improve their email programs and overall delivery and deliverability.

Since 2009, he has managed the delivery of over 100 Billion emails!

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